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Our Services

We specialize in direct response marketing which includes the most cutting edge internet marketing techniques, as well the good old marketing faithfuls like direct mail, and print advertising. (By the way these “old school” ways of marketing still work like gangbusters when done properly.  According to a study conducted 2012 by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail still continues to outperform online marketing.)

Here’s the laundry list of direct response marketing services we offer:
Social Media Game Plan Strategy, Design & Campaign Management
Sales Presentations (Including “From The Stage” & Automated Webinars)
“Shock n’ Awe” Lumpy Mail Packages
New Customer “Welcome To The Family” Packages
Corporate Branding & Market/Product Repositioning Services
Customer Experience Design Service Marketing Strategy
“Million Dollar” Marketing Strategy Blueprint
Personal Branding  (Personality Infused Branding Services)
Sales & Promotional Videos – Scripting, Production & Animation
Multi Step, Multi Media Advertising Campaigns
Direct Mail Lead Generation Packages
Trade Show Promotions, Displays & Advertising Collateral (Including Sales Funnel Design)
Website Design, Copy & SEO Optimization
Expert White Papers
From Soup-To-Nuts Pay-Per-Click Campaign Design & Management

Specialty Marketing Packages

Done-For-You Marketing Implementation Services – like having the firepower of an entire marketing department at your fingertips, but without the overhead.

Client Stampede Million Dollar Marketing Blueprint™ – Stage 1: This is a proprietary strategic process I conduct for all prospective clients during our initial 60 Minute Diagnostic & Prescriptive Consult where I design a marketing customized marketing blueprint for your business (like a marketing plan on steroids).

Client Stampede Million Dollar Marketing Blueprint™ – Stage 2:  This is an optional second step of the strategic planning process for those businesses that qualify.  It is an in-depth 2-3 hour teleconsult that examines each aspect of your Million Dollar Marketing Blueprint™  and the steps needed to put it into action. It’s like an day-long seminar focused on the growth of your business condensed into a couple of hours.

Indepth Copy Critique: This is a “toe in the water” service provided for those businesses who want an objective review of their sales letter, landing page, email campaign,  direct mail campaign or social media strategy.  We can critique  an existing marketing piece or a draft in progress.  Your choice.  You’ll get a written report that analyzes your copy in detail.   We’ll tell you what’s good about it, what works, what doesn’t and how you can improve it.  we’ll include specific step by step instructions for copy, revisions and rewriting, although we don’t actually rewrite your copy for you under this service (please note this isn’t a copywriting service – its a copywriting critique.)

Website Critique:  Your website is the foundation for all your marketing.  If your website is difficult to navigate, confusing (or boring to read), doesn’t position you as an expert in your marketplace and make you the hands down clear winner to work with, then…..you’re business is suffering from a giant handicap.  Under this service we’ll review your website with a fine tooth comb and write you a report containing  recommendations to transform it into a sleek, high performing, rapport building, client attraction machine for your business.  Your investment for this service is 100% creditable towards The Ultimate Website Makeover service (see below).  Under this service we’ll do everything for you – redesign your website from the ground up, rewrite the copy, infuse it SEO keywords to boost Google rankings, redesign your website, improve layout, add an irresistible “opt in magnet” and give it some zinging graphics to make prospects clamor to do business with you.

What’s Your Biggest Marketing Challenge? 

Marketing Problem #1: Not enough new leads coming in (or your marketing is not attracting enough quality leads).

Solution: The Catch Em’ Marketing System- A lead generation marketing system for your business, on steroids.  No more prospecting.  No more cold calling.  No more depending on other people to bring your new business.  This marketing system is a finely oiled machine that enables you to control your business and revenue (instead of it controlling you).


Marketing Problem #2: Not enough prospects becoming paying customers

Solution: The “Convert Em’ Marketing System”  Maybe you don’t have a lead generation problem in your business.  Your marketing seems to be working and you’re getting people in the door, but people are falling out of your marketing funnel and you’re not getting enough people to give you money.  Or maybe you have a long sales cycle that you’d much prefer to be chopped in half (just think what that could do for your revenue).  Either way this little “convert em” marketing system is just what the doctor ordered.  Guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.


Marketing Problem #3: Your customers buy from you but then they disappear faster than Houdini and don’t often come back (ie you have a low number of repeat buyers for your services)

Solution: The “Keep Em'” Marketing System   Did you know that it’s five times less expensive for you to sell to an existing customer than it is to go out and try to sell to a new one?  Yet most companies are so focused on generating more leads, they’re oblivious to the river of money their business is  hemorrhaging because they’ve slipped on taking care of the clients they already have.  The power of this system is in creating marketing (and customer experience) so extraordinary,  it turns ordinary customers into super-hero type raving fans.  These are people who will sing your company’s praises from the roof tops and tell all their friends.

Marketing problem #4 You find marketing completely overwhelming, very confusing and a giant pain in the you-know what.  If only you could wave your magic wand and have someone take care of it all for you…

Solution: Client Stampede Ultimate Total Business Transformation Marketing Package  Includes all 3 marketing systems (the Catch em’ the Convert em’ and the Keep em’ Marketing Systems).  When serious business growth at rocket speed is desired.  It’s the quickest, most sure fire way to explode your lead generation, duplicate your sales firepower (by many multiples) and build a business that will confound your competitors and leave them wondering what on earth you’re up to.  This is your very own marketing system, completely customized for your business that you will continue using year after year.  We can not only create every marketing piece for you – we can also take care of all the implementation if that’s not something you want your staff to bother with. Our marketing systems are a significant investment (although likely cost substantially less than your star employee).  But best of all its a system you get to use year after year in your business.

Interested in applying to become a private client?  All prospective client relationships begin with a 60 Minute Diagnostic & Prescriptive Consult.  To find out how to qualify please click here

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