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About Julie Guest

Julie Guest is a direct response copywriter, marketing consultant and private strategic advisor to successful entrepreneurial companies.  Having studied marketing greats like Gary Halbert, Joe Sugarman, Robert Collier, Eugene Schwartz, Dan Kennedy, David Ogilvy, Victor Schwab, Gary Bencivenga and Joe Karbo  – Julie has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners make dramatic transformations to their businesses and lives.

Julie is founder of Blazing Copy – a boutique marketing agency based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that specializes in direct response marketing for entrepreneurs.  Her private copywriting and consulting clients range from a handful of Fortune 500 clients to many self-made entrepreneurs and business owners, in industries as diverse as plastic surgery, real estate, financial and legal services, retail, insurance, landscaping, beauty and healthcare.  More than 92% of Julie’s private clients use her services repeatedly because she does so much more than “just writes copy” – she delivers STRATEGY, uncovers hidden opportunities, creates new opportunities, repositions products and re-invents businesses.

In 2012 Julie’s new book The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need was released, coauthored with Brian Tracy and other leading experts.  It became an Amazon best seller list within the first 48 hours of launch and Julie’s chapter received the Editor’s choice award.

Julie has been featured in CBS News, ABC, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, The Denver Post and many others.

In 2011 Julie founded TheClientStampede – teaching solopreneurs how to attract all the business they need using her ingenious, but radically effective marketing strategies that are fun and easy to apply.  Please request your copy of her free audio CD “10 Success Strategies To Create A Client Stampede In Your Business & Prosper In The New Economy” by visiting TheClientStampede.

Julie lives in Ann Arbor, MI with her daughter, her two rescued dogs Bear and Tucker and her blue eyed, delinquent horse Delila.

Here are some randomly collected facts about me you might find mildly interesting …

My Two Dogs Tucker (American Bulldog) and Bear (Rottie)

Favorite Quote: which I’m in the process of having painted on the 20 ft wall in the entry way of my office (its also written on a magnet on my fridge).

“Twenty years from now you will regret more the things you didn’t do, than the ones you did.  So sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade wind in your sails.  Explore, dream, discover.” – Mark Twain

Second Favorite Quote:

“Impossible is Nothing” - from an Adidas Campaign featuring Muhammad Ali (also written above the door in my office)

About that Accent: No my accent is NOT Australian (its kiwi), and to the man in the Main Street Coffee Shop in Truckee, CA who asked me if I was from Kentucky (!) – uh, no.

Countries I’ve lived In: South Africa (born), New Zealand (raised), Australia, Canada (for a winter), USA (my home).

Some places I’ve traveled: I crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a bobbing 45′ catamaran (which is of little comfort when you’re facing a storm with 70′ waves!)  I’ve bungee jumped off the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, back packed through the Andes in South America and gone scuba diving in the freezing cold waters of Capetown, South Africa.  I’ve camped in Alaska, hiked in Hawaii and driven West coast to East coast of America in less than 48 hours (now that was madness).  My favorite countries are Colombia (it’s hard to beat swinging in a hammock between two palm trees on the wild Caribbean coast), and Zimbabwe (people are amazing and I loved white water rafting down the Zambezi river).

When I was at Law School in Wellington, New Zealand the Lord Of The Rings Was Being Filmed Just Down The Road

Most Favorite Job: My favorite job ever was teaching children with special needs how to ski.  My least favorite job ever was flipping hamburgers at the big Golden Arches (But it gave me a better business education that anything I learned at college).

Favorite Book: Actually I have two favorite books.  Sermon On The Mount by Emmett Fox (truly a life changing read), and “To Kill A Mockingbird ( I think this book was also largely responsible for making me go to law school – its a brilliant, inspiring read if you haven’t read it yet).

First Business: I started my first business when I was 17 at high school selling boxer shorts and bow ties.  I roped in 19 of my classmates and that little business made a killing.

On Going To College and Working For A Law Firm: I went to college and studied law and marketing (I clearly watched too much Ally McBeal).  My first year out of college was working at a big law firm in Melbourne, Australia.  I knew after the second day that it was the wrong profession for me.  I got ushered to a room with no daylight and the walls packed, ceiling to floor with files to go through.  So much for the glamor of being an attorney! It took me another 7 years to give myself permission to do what I really wanted to do – open a marketing company and get into the business of growing businesses.  While I was at that law firm I helped them land their second largest client ever.

On The First Ad Written: I wrote my first ad for a magazine in 2000.  I had no clue what I was doing.  I saw an ad for a freelance copywriter (I had to look up the definition of copywriter).  I applied and somehow managed to get the job.  It was writing an “advertorial” (which is an ad “pretending” to be an article.)  The company I was writing for was a luxury outdoor furniture company.  To my utter astonishment the ad worked and brought in more customers in a weekend than they’d had the previous two months.  “This is great!” I thought a bit smugly to myself.  That was until other companies started requesting I write for them. Now I really was in trouble as I had no idea how to replicate what I’d just done!  I buried myself in the work of some of the greatest direct response copywriters ever – people like Gary Halbert, John Caples, Robert Collier, Eugene Schwartz, Gary Benzivenga, David Ogilvy, Joseph Sugarman, Ted Nicholas and Victor Schwab.  There’s nothing quite like learning how to write great direct response ad copy when you’re having your feet held to the fire!

Bungee jumping over the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe

On My First Client Stampede: The first ever real “Client Stampede” I created was in 2007 in Los Angeles, California (where I was living).  I had bought a house and in my infinite wisdom had manged to pay far too much for it at the very top of the market. It was a lousy 3 bed 1.5 baths house set on a postage stamp.  At nearly 3/4 million dollars it was classified as an “LA starter home!”  Due to a series of personal circumstances which I won’t bore you with here (involving a husband, a helicopter school, a lot of debt and a relocation to Arizona), I needed to sell the house fast.  The only problem was that the property market was in the toilet – LA homes were dropping by as much as $10,000 a day and people were abandoning ship thick and fast.  Things like open homes?  Realtors had to practically go out on the street, knock someone on the head and drag them inside to get a single viewing.  Not exactly stellar timing.  So I worked like a maniac and created a marketing campaign that ran for 7 days.  I got nearly 400 people through the house in a single weekend and sold the house in a bidding war for 10% above market value!  The funniest thing was that before our open house, the buyers didn’t even know they were in the market for a new house!   Real estate agents started banging on my door, pounding my phone lines, begging to know how I did it.  But I wanted to be sure that what I’d done wasn’t a fluke.  So I took two other Los Angeles homes (this time both above the $1 Million) mark, ran my 7 day marketing campaign again and…sold both houses again in a single weekend in a bidding war.

That was a big turning point. I took the same direct response marketing strategies I’d used and applied them to businesses in different industries – financial services (a brutally competitive industry if there ever was one), cosmetic surgery, divorce attorneys, insurance,  education, healthcare…Did I hit it out of the park every time, for every client?  Nope.  But I still got some pretty impressive results and made (and continue to make) a lot of people very happy (and wealthy).

I started my first business at age 17 in high school making and selling boxer shorts & bow ties. I managed to rope in 19 of my classmates to help me and that little business did very well.

On Formal Qualifications: Here are my “qualifications” if you care about that kind of thing
Bachelor of Business Studies with double major in Management and Marketing (seriously I learned more about what it takes to build a successful business by flipping burgers at McDonalds).  Top scholar in Operations Management.  Law degree.  But here’s the real education I’ve received.  Since I started my company I’ve invested more than $150,000 learning first hand from the very best marketing minds in the business: Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert, Gary Benzivenga – to name a few.  I’ve invested $35,000 in a single coaching program and it was worth every penny.  That sure dwarfs the money I invested in my formal education.  I’m always learning and continue to invest tens of thousands ever year to keep at the cutting edge of how to grow businesses faster.

The marketing I do isn’t “fluffy,” university taught or founded on vague marketing theories about what ought to work.  Instead its based on in-the-trenches experience of what actually works.  That’s a canyon sized difference between the services we offer and virtually every other marketing company out there.  After all, who else is bold enough or nutty enough to offer the kind of guarantee we do?




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